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Future technologies in agriculture

Invited paper: Appropriate Technologies for Agricultural Sustainability in an Uncertain Future
Rick Roush

Managing spatial and seasonal variability within field can improve the profitability of WA grain production
Michael Robertson1, Bindi Isbister2, Ian Maling3, Yvette Oliver4, Mike Wong5, Matt Adams6, Bill Bowden7 and Peter Tozer8

Precision agriculture in the Victorian Wimmera – grower perspectives
David Jochinke1, Bernard Noonan2 and Nick Wachsmann3

Remote Sensing to Detect Nitrogen and Water Stress in Wheat
Adam K Tilling1, Garry O’Leary2, Jelle G Ferwerda1, Simon D Jones1, Glenn Fitzgerald2 and Robert Belford2

LUCI in the sky with diamonds – modelling the wider impacts of land use change and intensification
Peter D. Jamieson1, RF Zyskowski1, FY Li1, GS Francis1, V Snow2 and L Lilburne3

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