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Genetic diversity in allelopathic rice accessions (Oryza sativa L.)
Author: Hua-qin He1, Li-hua Shen, Yu-chun Guo, Jing-Yuan Wang and Wen-xiong Lin

Identification and Mapping of RAPD Markers Linked to Rice Stripe Virus Resistance Gene, Stvb-i , in Rice(O. sativa L.)
Author: Jun Hyeon Cho, D.Y. Kwak, K.H. Yi, Y.J. Weon, J.M. Ko, H.M. Park, S.J. Yang and Min-Hee Nam

Genetic diversity among hexaploid wheat landraces with different geographical origins revealed by microsatellites: comparison with AFLP, and RAPD data
Author: P. Strelchenko1, Kenneth Street2, O. Mitrofanova1, M. Mackay3 and F. Balfourier4

Collection and conservation of genetic resources for dryland farming systems
Author: Jan Valkoun, Ahmed Amri, Jan Konopka, Kenneth Street and Eddy De Pau

Using of wild species genetic diversity in plant breeding.
Author: Igor G. Loskutov

Diversification of Australian sorghum using wild relatives
Author: David Jordan1,3, David Butler1, Bob Henzell1, Janneke Drenth2 and Lynne McIntyre2

Identifying the source of new variation seen in synthetic backcross derived bread wheat
Author: Marilyn Warburton, Pinzghi Zhang, Susanne Dreisegacker, Jacob Lage, Maarten Van Ginkel and Richard Trethowan

SSR markers in sampling a core collection and estimating the genetic diversity
Author: Hong-liang Zhang, Zichao Li, Dongling Zhang, Junli Sun, Meixing Wang, Yongwen Qi and Xiang-kun Wang

Research on genetic diversity and phylogeny of Saccharum spontaneum L. in China
Author: Hui Chen1, Yuanhong Fan2, Qing Cai3 and Ya-ping Zhang4

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