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Organising Committee

Management Committee

Dr Neville Mendham (President)
Professor Jim Pratley (Past President)
Dr Bob Belford (Vice President, President Elect)
Mr Bob Reid (Secretary)
Dr Peter Lane (Treasurer)
Mr Barry Rowe (Editor)
Ms Erica Wise
Dr Lee Peterson

Donald Medal Committee

Mr Barry Rowe, Dr Neville Mendham, Dr Danny Donaghy

Tours Committee

Dr Peter Lane, Ms Seona Noye, Mr Bob Reid

Support Group

Dr Tony Fist, Mr David Stirling, Ms Seona Noye, Mr Brian Field, Mr Brendan Fyfe, Mr Geoff Richardson, Dr Corey Hogarth, Mr Geoff Dean, Dr Doug Friend, Mr Stewart Smith, Mr Eric Hall, Mr Knox Heggaton, Mr Brian Stewart.

Conference Organisers

Conference Design Pty Ltd
PO Box 342 Sandy Bay Tasmania 7006
Phone: 03 6224 3773
Facsimile: 03 6224 3774

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