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Overcoming soil and nutrient constraints

Dryland salinity and agronomy in south-east Australia: groundwater processes or soil degradation due to intensive grazing and cropping?
Glen Bann and John Field

Fate of nutrients and heavy metal contaminants in biosolids applied to contrasting soils and cropping systems in southeast Queensland
Mike Bell1, Glenn Barry2, Grant Pu2, Peter Want1, Gary Harch1 and Allan Jeffrey2

Tolerance of wheat genotypes to subsoil constraints in southwest Queensland
Yash Dang1, Michael McDonald2, Jack Christopher3, John Sheppard3, Ram Dalal4, Denis Orange1, Douglas Lush3 and Bill Wall3

An overview of the extent, distribution and impact of subsoil constraints in Western Australia’s agricultural soils
Stephen Davies1, Chris Gazey1, Dennis vanGool1, Jim Dixon1 and Bob Gilkes2

“Jota” annual sweet clover (Melilotus albus Medik.): a new salt tolerant legume for the high rainfall zone of southern Australia.
Pedro Evans and A.N. Thompson

A new generation ripper to reduce the cost of removing soil compaction
Mohammad A. Hamza1, Glen P. Riethmuller1, W.K. Anderson2

Addressing poor nodulation and molybdenum deficiency in chickpea through seed priming
C Johansen1, AM Musa2, David Harris3, JVDK Kumar Rao4, JG Lauren5 and AKM Shahidullah6

Waterlogging highlights benefits of rhizobia in faba beans.
Peter Johnson, Geoff Dean and Rob Howard

Resistance of rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) to aluminium apparent in nutrient solution but not in soil
J. Sergio Moroni, Mark Conyers and Neil Wratten

A new standard for electromagnetic induction mapping of soils for the grains industry
Garry O’Leary1, Jo Peters2 and David Roget3

Simulating historic cropping systems to understand the interaction between crop choice and deep drainage.
Jeremy Whish1, Vic French2, Philippa Tolmie3 and Mark Silburn3

Seasonal expression of subsoil constraints in a Mediterranean-type environment
Mike Wong1 and Senthold Asseng2

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