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Irrigation, drainage, salinity and waterlogging

Growth responses of annual legumes on saline soils
J.S. Dunbabin and D.G. Murray

Effects of grazing management on productivity of pure legume pastures grown under irrigation in Northern Victoria
K.B. Kelly, W.K. Mason and R.J. Simpson1

Effects of irrigation frequency on the productivity of white clover, red clover and lucerne in northern Victoria
K.B. Kelly, W.K. Mason and R.J. Simpson1

Cotton irrigation scheduling in the South Burnett
P.N. Vance

The effect of surface soil stability on water intake and the yield of irrigated maize
W.K. Mason, K.E. Pritchard and D.R. Small

Soybean response to moderately saline water
H.G. Beecher*

Mineral content in seed of soybeans grown under saline conditions
H.G. Beecher1, G.D. Batten1 and P. Slavich2

Comparison of three techniques for revegetating salt affected land with halophytes
E.G. Barrett-Lennard1, F. Frost2, S. Hearn3, N.L.B. Richards1 and C.V. Malcolm1

The role of seed placement and gypsum in improving the establishment of spiny bluebush on scalded duplex soils in north-western Australia
B.H. Ward

Subsurface drainage reduces accessions to watertables
W. K. Gardner, J. Carter, B. Noonan

Moisture relations, groundwater recharge and dryland salinity
W.H. Johnston

Adverse effects of waterlogging on germination and survival of wheat, barley and rice seed
Anchalee Chuvativat and T. L. Setter

Effect of waterlogging on photosynthesis and stomatal conductance of chickpea leaves
A.L. Cowie, R.S. Jessop and D.A. MacLeod

Variation in water-use efficiency and its correlation with carbon isotope discrimination in peanut cultivars grown in the field
G.C. Wrighta, K.T. Hubickb and G.D. Farquharb

Using carbon isotope discrimination to predict water-use efficiency
K.T. Mubick and G.D. Farquhar

Waterlogging affects tme water relations of wheat leaves
J.N.L. Lee and C.J. Bell

Effect of waterlogging on the growth and yield of sweet-potato (Ipomoea batatas l.)
Frederick J. Rumahlatu, D.W. Turner and B.T. Steer

Changes in concentrations of oxygen, carbon dioxide and ethylene in soil solutions during waterlogging of some West Australian soils
T.L. Setter and T. Bywaters

Adverse effects of waterlogging on growth of lupin and field pea cultivars
S. Phuphak and T.L. Setter

Water use of plum trees (prunus salicina) trained to four canopy arrangements
V. Chootummatat, D.W. Turner and J.E.L. Cripps

Salinity - a possible tool for improving tomato quality?
P.S. Cornish

A possible physiological mechanism underlying the response of sugar accumulation in rockmelons ripened under reduced irrigation
J.E. Paterson and D.W. Turner

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