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Invited Reviews

Problems of maintaining pastures in the cereal-livestock areas of southern Australia
E.D. Carter1, E.C. Wolfe2 and C.M. Francis3

The development of stable and profitable summer cropping systems in northern Australia
I.M. Wood1 and S. Fukai2

Implications of stubble retention
J.V. Lovett, E.H. Hoult, R.S. Jessop and Christine E. Purvis

Requirements for survival in Australian horticulture
J.V. Possingham1, D.McE. Alexander2 and P.R. Clingeleffer2

Improving the productivity of irrigated agriculture
R.C.G. Smith1, W.S. Meyer1, J. Blackwell1 and W.K. Mason2.

Some limitations of pasture species in southern Australia
K.F.M. Reed1 and P.S. Cocks2

Recent advances - cell culture in plant improvement
W.R. Scowcroft, P.J. Larkin, H. Loerz and M. Fischer

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