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Environmental consequences of water management in farming systems

Optimal transect spacing for EM38 mapping for dryland agriculture in the Murray Mallee, Australia
Author: Garry J. O'Leary1, Vincent Grinter2 and Ivan Mock3

Deep drainage calculated from soil chloride under a long-term rainfed crop rotation experiment in the Murray Mallee, Australia
Author: Garry J. O'Leary1 and Mark G. O'Connell2

Lost and reclaimed: A case study of gully rehabilitation in central Kenya highlands using low-cost measures
Author: Charles K.K. Gachene1 and Joseph G. Mureithi2

Environmental Impact Assessment of Surface Run-off to Small Stream in a Steep Cornfield
Author: Joung-Du Shin, Jong-Sik Lee, Won-II Kim, Sang-Won Park1, Goo-Bok Jung, Yong-Sun Jhang and Dong-Sig Oh

Managing the interface of trees and crops – trade-offs in low rainfall zones
Author: Yvette Oliver1, Ted Lefroy1, Richard Stirzaker2 and Christine Davies3.

Impact of Alternative Land Use Patterns on Plant Water Use, Surface Water Flow and Drainage on a Topographic Sequence
Author: Enli Wang, Hamish Cresswell, Zahra Paydar and John Gallant

Study on soil and nutrients loss with soil textures and two crops during rainfall
Author: Seung-Oh Hur, Won-Tae Kim, Kang-Ho Jung and Sang-Keon Ha

Simulation of deep drainage under a 13-year crop sequence in southern NSW
Author: Julianne Lilley1, Merv Probert2 and John Kirkegaard1

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