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Forage Crop Production

Using growth and dry matter estimates to devise year-round forage systems for the North-West Slopes of New South Wales
Sean R. Murphy1, Greg M. Lodge1, Lester H. McCormick1 and Ian R. Johnson2

Determinants of productivity in cropping sequences for dairy systems in Canterbury, New Zealand
John de Ruiter, Shane Maley, Emmanuel Chakwizira, Andrew Fletcher and Mike George

Predicting yield and biomass nitrogen of forage crop rotations in New Zealand using the APSIM model
Edmar Teixeira, Hamish Brown, Emmanuel Chakwizira, John de Ruiter

Production and nutritive value of alternative annual forage crop options in a rainfed region of western China
Qingping Zhang1, Yuying Shen1, Zhibiao Nan1, Jeremy Whish2, Lindsay Bell2 and William Bellotti3

Dry matter yield and nutritive value of forage crops under different rotations on the Longdong Loess Plateau, China
Yining Niu 1, Zhibiao Nan 1, William Bellotti 2, Jeremy Whish 3, Lindsay Bell 3

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