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Breeding and Selection

Developing and implementing molecular markers in perennial ryegrass breeding
K.F. Smith1,3, J.W. Forster2,3, T.A. Ciavarella1,3, J.L. Dumsday2, M.P. Dupal2,3, E.S. Jones2,3, B.D. Kirkwood1,3, A. Leddin1,3, N.M. McFarlane1,3, P.J. Trigg1,3 , K.M. Guthridge2,3 and N.L. Mahoney2,3

Exploring lucerne germplasm diversity for Southern Cropping SYSTEMS
Humphries A.1, Auricht G.C.1, Hughes S.J.1 and Latta R.A.2

Developing grazing tolerant lucerne
Humphries A., Auricht G.C. and Kobelt E.T.

Pollen-ovule ratios as a method of estimating breeding system in Trifolium pasture species
S. J. Bennett

Improving the efficiency of pasture breeding programs through the use of spatial analysis
B. D. Braysher1, B. S. Dear1, S. Boschma2, B. R.. Cullis1 and G. A. Sandral1

Improving Grain Yield by Selection for Greater Early Vigour in Wheat
T.L. Botwright1, A.G. Condon2 , G.J. Rebetzke2, and R.A. Richards2

Prime quality high protein wheat variety evaluation in South Australia
H.A. Reimers1, M.Miyan1, G.Hollamby1, A.Rathjen2, R.Wheeler3

Assessment of aluminium stress tolerance of triticale breeding lines in hydroponics
X.G. Zhang1, 2, R.S. Jessop2, F. Ellison3, and P. Evans1

Breeding for Improved Zinc and Manganese Efficiency in Wheat and Barley.
G.K. McDonald, R. D. Graham, J. Lloyd, J. Lewis, P. Lonergan and H. Khabas-Saberi

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