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Pasture and soil effects of superphosphate under cell grazing management
R.N.D. Reid 1 and G.P. Richardson 2

Long-term effects of nitrogen fertiliser on nitrogen fixation in grazed perennial ryegrass / white clover dairy pastures in south west Victoria
Frank McKenzie and Joe Jacobs

Clover species suiting crop rotations
Xianguang Zhang and Pedro M. Evans

Growth and water use of perennial ryegrass and lucerne in summer
Kerry Greenwood1 and Kate Sargeant2

Development of near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy techniques for analysing the nutritive value of fresh silage.
Melissa SpragueA, Peter FlinnA, Kevin SmithA, Tony CiavarellaA, Joe JacobsB.

Impact of renovation on production of irrigated pasture in northern Victoria
Alister Lawson, Kevin Kelly, Graeme Phyland, Liz Byrne and Mark Nankivell

Estimating plant density using a modified Carter ring method
Susan Robertson

Thermal time requirements for seedling development of Caucasian and white clovers
Alistair D. Black, D.J. Moot and R.J. Lucas

Plant species diversity and productivity in grazed permanent grasslands
D.R. Kemp 1, W.McG. King 2, G.M. Lodge 3, S.R. Murphy 3, P.E. Quigley 4 & P. Sanford 5

Glycinebetaine foliar application increases pasture winter growth and milk yield
B.P. Naidu1&2, G. Stevenson2, R. Page2 and S. Munford2

Impacts of sub-surface drainage and "on-off" grazing in reducing wet soil pugging damage on southern Victorian dairy pastures - pasture effects
Graeme Ward, Joe Jacobs and Troy Jenkin

Impacts of sub-surface drainage and "on-off" grazing in reducing wet soil pugging damage on southern Victorian dairy pastures – some soil effects
Graeme Ward, Joe Jacobs and Troy Jenkin

Phosphorus requirement of pasture species and the influence on botanical composition.
J. Hill1,2, R.J. Simpson1, A.D. Moore1 and D. Chapman2

Effects of fungal endophyte on the persistence and productivity of tall fescue at 3 sites in eastern Australia
Warwick M. Wheatley1, David E. Hume2, Harry W. Kemp3, Matthew S. Monk4, Kevin F. Lowe5, Alison J. Popay6, David B. Baird7 and Brian A. Tapper2

Simulated time of break and emergence of annual species in a degraded perennial grass pasture
J.M. Virgona

Root biomass production, root distribution, and soil water dynamics of three alternative perennial pasture legumes in comparison with Medicago sativa during their early growth
G.Y. Wijaya, W.D. Bellotti*, and D.R. Coventry.

Establishing grass-legume pastures on rundown cropping soils of the Western Downs in southern Queensland.
Cristine Cox1, Anthony Whitbread1 and Bruce Pengelly2

Factors affecting phalaris persistence
Guangdi Li, Keith Helyar and Mark Conyers

Medics as self-regenerating cover crops in Canadian prairie grain systems
Martin H. Entz1, Alden Braul1, Roberta Gentile1, Andrew Lake2 and Bill Bellotti3

An evaluation of tropical pasture legumes on gidgee soils in the semi-arid tropics
Chris Gardiner

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