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Crop agronomy - wheat

Breeding wheat lines for southern Australia according to three climatic mega-environments
Cherie Bell1,3 and Howard Eagles2,3

Successful high rainfall cropping in southern Australia using raised beds
Penny Riffkin and Pedro Evans

Crop yield response to pasture legumes in a pasture-crop rotation
Xianguang Zhang and Pedro M. Evans

Poor wheat crops following canola - a survey of farmers and agronomists
Megan H. Ryan1, Grace Taylor2 and John A. Kirkegaard1

The influence of climatic factors and crop nutrition on seed vigour in wheat
Darshan L. Sharma1 and Walter K. Anderson2

Durum wheat-a profitable crop for Western Australia
Shahajahan Miyan1 and Wal Anderson2

Necrotic tipping and yellowing of leaves in wheat (cv. Diamondbird) in southern New South Wales in 2001
BJ Scott1, KJ Schulze2, GM Murray1, PJ Martin1 and KA Wratten1

Yield and falling numbers of new wheat cultivars on the south coast of Western Australia
Mohammad Amjad1 and Wal Anderson2

Enhanced tolerance of high-p plants to environmental stresses is related to primary root diameter and potential root hydraulic conductivity for water and nutrient uptake
Dhananjay Singh1,2,3,4,5, Vijaya Singh2,4,5, Peter Sale2, Charles Pallaghy2 and Richard Routley1

Effect of previous crops on crown rot infection and yield of wheat
John Kirkegaard1, John Holland2, Kevin Moore2, Steven Simpfendorfer2, Rod Bambach2, Steve Marcroft3 and Grant Hollaway3

Water-soluble carbohydrates and yield in wheat
Anthony van Herwaarden1, Richard Richards2 and John Angus2

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