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Crop Management, Populations, Canopy Structure

Canopy architecture and nitrogen utilisation for biomass production: the contrast between maize and sunflower
A.M. Massignam1, 2, S.C. Chapman3, G.L Hammer4,and S Fukai1

Modification of Within-canopy Microclimate in Maize for Intercropping in the Lowland Tropics
I K. D. Jaya1, 2, C. J. Bell1 and P. W. Sale1

Compensatory and competitive ability of two canola cultivars
B. Lythgoe1, R.M. Norton1, M.E. Nicolas2 and D.J. Connor2

Effects of plant population on pyrethrins yield of pyrethrum, (Tanacetum cinerariifolium) in Tasmania
D. Fulton, R. Clark, and A. Fulton

High Sowing Rates Reduce Seed Weight in Canary Seed (Phalaris canariensis L.)
J.F. Ford1, R.M. Norton1, S.E. Knights1 and R.G. Flood2

Faba bean seeding rates for central and southern NSW
P.W. Matthews 1, D.J. Carpenter 2, A. Smith 2 and N.A. Fettell 3

Unique root mass in Australia’s rice
A.J. Robson1, R.L. Williams1, 2 and T.C Farrell1, 2

Earliness Management Systems for Cotton Production
G.N. Roberts and G.A. Constable

Achieving the Genetic Potential of Peanuts in Irrigated Production Systems
G.C. Wright1, N.C. Rachaputi1, D. White2, M. Robertson3, J. Tonks1, P. Burrill4, S. Ginns5 and K. Bullen6

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