Table Of Contents

Symposia papers

1. Crop science for addressing water scarcity

  1. Breeding crops that do better under water scarcity
  2. Irrigated rice-based systems 5ACSC
  3. Physiology and improving productivity under water scarcity
  4. Dryland cropping systems
  5. New imperatives for irrigated agriculture
  6. Water and nutrients in turf grass
  7. Environmental consequences of water management in farming systems

2. Crop science for a sustainable future

  1. Farming and cropping systems
  2. Conservation and reduced tillage systems
  3. Turfgrass, the most visible crop
  4. Asian cropping systems (5ACSC)
  5. Biocide dependence and resistance
  6. Nutrient recycling and balance in cropping systems
  7. Managing climate risk in cropping systems
  8. Raising yield potential in cropping systems

3. Crop science for harnessing genetics

  1. Genome sequencing of model systems
  2. Gene to phenotype complexity
  3. Genetic resources for the 21st Century
  4. Harnessing molecular markers for plant breeding
  5. New frontiers in altering plant metabolism
  6. Adaptation to abiotic challenges
  7. Adaptation to biotic challenges (5ACSC)
  8. Biotechnology for a better world

4. Crop science for effecting change

  1. Proven processes for innovation and change
  2. Implementing change - lessons for the future
  3. The role of IT in enhanced delivery and adoption
  4. New pathways for delivery in Asian countries (5ACSC)
  5. Research planning monitoring and evaluation
  6. Agents for change - public, private and NGOs

5. 5th Asian Crop Science Conference

  1. Improving human diet in Asia

6. 12th Australian Agronomy Conference

  1. Pathways to profitable agriculture
  2. Farming and land stewardship
  3. Crop-livestock interaction
  4. Research implementation and delivery

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