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The Management Committee of the Sixth Australian Agronomy Conference thank these sponsors for their support:

Major Sponsors

  • The University of New England
  • CSIRO Division of Animal Production
  • NSW Agriculture
  • Grains Research and Development Corporation (National committees and state committees for NSW, QLD, SA, and VIC)
  • Wool Research and Development Corporation
  • Meat Research Corporation
  • ICI Crop Care Australia Ltd


  • Auscott Pty Ltd
  • DeKalb Ltd
  • Dupont Ltd
  • Elders Ltd
  • Hege Australia Ltd
  • Heritage Seeds Ltd
  • John Morris Scientific Ltd
  • Monsanto Australia Ltd
  • National Australia Bank Ltd
  • Queensland Barley Board
  • Wright Stephenson Seeds Ltd

We also wish thank our secretarial staff at UNE and CS IRO Arm idale and in particular Ms Bette Guy as well as the sub-editors and referees of the contributed papers.

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