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Sub-clover and other pasture legumes

Genetic diversity within Persian clover (trifolium resupinatum)
R.T. Kenny and G.F.M. Reed.

An extension to the geographical sources of hardseededness in persian clover
E.J. Crawford

Balansa clover - a new pasture species
A.D. Craig and P.E. Beale

Variability in six major characteristics of 12 annual medic species
E.J. Crawford

Medics for the Victorian Mallee and Wimmera - progress and future needs
R.L. Amor1, P.E. Quigley2, R.A. Latta2 and J.W. Eales3

Genetic control of margers in the annual medic cv. sephi
A.W.H. Lake

The effects of cereal straw on productivity of annual medic pastures
P.E. Quigley and E.D. Carter

Evaluation of yellow serradella accessions in southern Victoria
S.G. Clark1 and L.J. Hamilton2

A progress report on lucerne breeding in south Australia
Ian D. Kaehne, G.C. Auricht, A.W.H. Lake and E.T. Meyer

The effect of two harvesting schedules on the yield of lucerne varieties with a range of winter dormancy ratings
Michael Boyd

Lucerne persistence under dryland grazing and haycutting
G. M. Lodge

Coumestrol content of lucerne in the central west and hunter valley of New South Wales
D. G. Hall1 and D. B. Waterhouse2

Annual rates of N2 fixation by pasture legumes on the central plateau of Tasmania
P.A. Lane

The potential of trifolium subterraneum subspecies brachycalycinum on red brown earth soils
P.E. Beale

Options for improving subterranean clover pastures in short-term leys
G.B. Taylor

A survey of seed reserves of subterranean clover pastures on southern tablelands of New South Wales
B.S. Dear and B. Loveland

An interim report on the performance of a binary mixture of subterranean clover strains.
G.B. Hotton1 and B.C. Curnow2

On farm establishment of Trikkala sub clover in South West Victoria
P. Schroder

The poor subterranean clover stands of dairy pastures in the Adelaide hills
E.D. Carter1 and M.J. Cochrane2

Effects of irrigation management on the productivity of subterranean clover pastures
K.B. Kelly and C.R. Stockdale

The effects of irrigation management on seed production and the regeneration of subterranean clover
K.B. Kelly and W.K. Mason

The productivity of three annual clovers (T. balansae, T. resurinatum and T. subterraneum) under irrigation in Northern Victoria
G.B. Kelly and W.G. Mason

Relationship of diet quality to green herbage available on lucerne-subterranean clover pastures
D. G. Hall,

Liveweight gain of lambs on lucerne, other legumes and grass-sub clover pasture over winter
P.T. Kenny and K.F.M. Reed

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