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High Rainfall Zone

Improving crop water use efficiency in high rainfall zone (HRZ) Victoria, through appropriate practice change to overcome subsoil limitations
Renick Peries1 and Jaikirat S Gill2

Providing high rainfall zone growers with confidence in new and alternative management practices
Angela Clough1, Penny A. Riffkin2, Rob H. Harris2, James Nuttall3 and Garry J. O’Leary3

Yield formation of wheat in the high rainfall zone of south-western Australia
Heping Zhang, Neil C Turner, Michael L Poole

Phase durations in wheat will need to be optimised for crops in the High Rainfall Zone of south-west Victoria to achieve yield potential
Penny Riffkin1 and Garry O’Leary2

Simulating leaf area duration to predict yield response to foliar fungicide in wheat and barley
James Hunt1 and Nick Poole2

Using raised beds to reduce waterlogging of pastures - pasture productivity effects
Graeme Ward1 and Joe Jacobs1

Using raised beds to reduce waterlogging of pastures - impact on runoff and soils
Graeme Ward1, Joe Jacobs1 and Tim Johnston2

Adoption of practices and technologies on Australian grain farms
James Walcott1

Spatial and temporal variability in organic carbon observed in soil under lucerne pastures
Richard Hayes, Mark Conyers, Graeme Poile, Albert Oates and Guangdi Li

Pulse crops improve productivity of crops in rotations involving various residue management strategies in the High Rainfall Zone of western Victoria – a case study example for grower decision support.
James Nuttall1,4, Rob Harris2, Angela Clough3, Garry O’Leary1 and Penny Rifkin2

Effect of time of sowing on phenology of cereals grown in a temperate environment in south-eastern Australia
Tina Botwright Acua1, Garry O’Leary2 and Penny Riffkin3

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