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Managing Soil Problems: Salinity, Acidity

Salinity and Sodicity, Implications for Farmers in Central Queensland
S.A. Irvine1 and J.A. Doughton2

A Case Study to Reduce Dryland Salinity on a Temora Farm
M.H. McCallum1, J.S. Salmon2 and J.F. Angus1

Melilotus alba: the preferred forage legume for autumn and spring-summer production on saline soils in SW Victoria.
P.M. Evans

The effects of changed subsoil structure on yield and yield quality
D.K. Malinda, J.E. Schultz, and R. Darling

Soil structure affects water balance of Ferrosol cropping systems
M.J. Bell1, B.J. Bridge2, G. R. Harch1, P. S. Want1, D.N. Orange3 and R.D. Connolly3

Lucerne varieties differ in their response to liming on an acid soil.
H.S. Grewal and R Williams

Soil acidity in the high rainfall wheat belt of southern NSW.
B.J. Scott1, B.D. Braysher1, C. Duff2, L. Hufton3, W. Schumann4 and M. K. Conyers1

Pasture responses to lime over five years are limited and highly variable
A.E. Crawford and C.J.P. Gourley

The effect of various calcium amendments applied to sugarcane trash
A.W. Wood1, 4, B.L. Schroeder2, 4 and R.L. Aitken3, 4

Impacts of surface-applied lime on sheep production systems in south-western Victoria
P.E. Quigley1, P.M. Schroder2 and F.J. Cameron1

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