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Pastures - Breeding and Selection

Identification of novel germplasm to develop new tall fescue cultivars for Australia
M.Z.Z. Jahufer and K.F.M. Reed

Performance of experimental synthetic cultivars developed from the Kangaroo Valley ecotype of perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) in Australia
R. M. Nair1,2, K.F. Smith1,2, G.A. Kearney1, K. F. M. Reed1,2, A. Byron1 , G. Ronnfeldt3, K. Lowe4, P. Borchard5 and T. Launders6

Ryegrass, Rust and Resistance
P.J. Trigg1, K.F. Smith1, J.W. Forster2, E.S. Jones2 and P. J. Keane3

Overcoming the seed production barriers with native grasses
I. Cole 1, W. Johnston 1, J. Metcalfe1, I. Tooth 1, M. Mitchell 2 and T. Koen 1

LIGULE – the distribution of promising native grasses – a geographic perspective
W. H. Johnston1, T. B. Koen2, M. L. Mitchell3 and I. A. Cole2

Photosynthetic variation in genotypes of perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) selected to map drought tolerance
N.M. McFarlane, 1,3 K.M. Guthridge, 2,3 K.F. Smith, 1,3 E.S. Jones2, 3 and J. W. Forster2, 3

Species of Austrodanthonia on an acid soil on the southern tablelands of NSW
D. Garden, T. Brassil, C. Shields and R. Smith

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