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Physiology and Breeding

Assessment of root growth by perennial pasture grasses in an acid soil using novel DNA-based methods
Rebecca E Haling1,2, Richard J Simpson1, Richard A Culvenor1, Hans Lambers2 and Alan E Richardson1

An early maturing Trifolium subterraneum L. var. yanninicum with improved agronomic traits
Freya Pescott1 and Andrew Craig 1

Screening for drought resistance among a large number of Australian green couch grass (Cynodon spp.) ecotypes during canopy establishment
Yi Zhou1, Chris Lambrides1, Shu Fukai1, Van Thinh Tran1 and Duc The Ngo1

A description of the plant structures of Microlaena stipoides, a grass species forming stolons and rhizomes
Meredith Mitchell1,5, Jim Virgona2,5, Joe Jacobs3,5 and David Kemp4,5

Effect of planting date and daylength on establishment of Dorycnium hirustum
James Allwright1, Peter Lane1,2, Davi d Parsons1,2 and Eric Hall2

Comparison of functional food components in grain of high anthocyanin GM and non-GM rice
Dong-Jin Lee1 and Muhammad Farooq2

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