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Farming Systems

Using Lucerne to Improve the Reliability of Cropping on Waterlogged Soils
MH McCallum1, MB Peoples1, RR Gault1, JF Angus1, JA Kirkegaard1, T Green2, and HP Cresswell2

Raised-bed cropping leading the way in high rainfall southern Australia
R. Peries1, T. Johnston1, 2, C. Bluett1 and B. Wightman1

Fallow: costly insurance for the Victorian Mallee?
M.G. O'Connell and D.M. Whitfield

Nitrogen fixation inputs from lucerne-dominated pastures in the central-east of NSW
G.J. Butler, T.Christian, G.D. Schwenke and D.F. Herridge

Grain sorghum as a dryland cropping option in the Wimmera region, Victoria
Y. L. Postlethwaite1 and D.R. Coventry2

Simulation of tactical use of Phase Farming to reduce Deep Drainage
K. Verburg1, W.J. Bond1, B.A. Keating2, C.J. Smith1, M.J. Robertson2, P. Hutchinson3

Soil water availability and root distribution in rainfed and irrigated lucerne
M.S. Zahid., A.M. McNeill. and W.D. Bellotti

Agronomy and Policy Design: Tackling the ‘where, what and how’ Questions
M.K. Van Ittersum1, N. de Ridder1, R.P. Roetter2,3, C.T. Hoanh3, A.G. Laborte1,3 and H. van Keulen1,4

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