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Participatory Research, Extension and Teaching

On-farm participatory research investigating the use of covercropping for the establishment of perennial pastures in mixed farming enterprises
Mark Peoples1,4, Tony Swan1,4, Justin Tidd2,4, Janet Walker2,4, Phillip Bowden2,4, Richard Hayes2,4, Guangdi Li2,4, Mark Norton3,4, Eric Koetz2, and Brian Dear2,4

Proofing Participatory Research
Huub Kerckhoffs1, Willie Smith2 and Steven Kelly3

Two levels of information are required to assist extension of liming in Western Australia
James Fisher1, Chris Gazey2, Joel Andrew3 and Steve Carr4

The development and delivery of a new Diploma of Agronomy course
Nick Wachsmann1 and John Goldsmith1

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