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The Management Committee of the Fifth Australian Agronomy Conference thank these sponsors for their support.

Major sponsors

  • Australian Wheat Board (Merredin symposium) Co-operative Bulk Handling Ltd
  • C.S.B.P. and Farmers Ltd
  • Three-tonne Club
  • Town and Country W.A. Building Society Wheat Research Council

Supporting sponsors

  • Bayer Australia Ltd
  • Bird Cameron
  • Federation Insurance Ltd
  • Grain Legumes Research Council Grain Pool of Western Australia
  • Grain Research Committee Hoechst Australia Ltd
  • I.C.I. (Katanning symposium) Kirin Australia Ltd
  • Monsanto Australia Ltd
  • State Wheat Industry Research Committee
  • Western Australian Department of Agriculture
  • Wool Agency Co.

We also thank the referees of the contributed papers; the Department of Agriculture's Word Processing Centre, in particular Mrs Brenda Munro; and the Graphic Design Unit of the Department's Information Branch. The Proceedings cover was designed by Jacqui Mallard. Femmeke Roberts designed the logo, stationery, brochures and banners.

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