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Management Committee

Dr D M Freebairn


Professor T G Reeves


Assoc Professor J Pratley


Dr S Walker


Dr P Cox


Dr W Strong

Mr A Sommervaille

Mr P Ridge

Dr M Asghar

Mrs B Ridge


Program Committee

Dr W Strong (Chair)



Dr D Freebairn

Dr G Hammer

Dr S Walker

Mr L Chapman

Mr D Lawrence

Ms K Bullen

Editorial Committee

Dr M Asghar (Chair)

Dr D Freebaim

Dr A L Garside

Dr MN Hunter

Dr M Wegener

General Assistance:

Mrs B Ridge & Mrs B Freebaim

Sponsorship Committee

Mr P Ridge

Events Committee

Mr A Sommervaille (Chair)

Ms L Clewett

Mr J Marshall

Mr C Dowling

Dr P Carberry

Mr G Mills

Dr M. Bell

Mr 3 Barnes


Donald Medal Committee

Dr B Whan (Chair)

Professor P Cornish

Mr Reg French

Conference Organisers

Meetings & Events

The University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba

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