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Building crop and pasture systems for sustained productivity and profitability - systems and prediction

The application of precision agriculture techniques to assess the effectiveness of raised beds on saline land in WA.
Derk Bakker1, Greg Hamilton2, Rob Hetherington1, Cliff Span3 and Andrew van Burgel1

Contribution of potential yield, drought tolerance and escape to adaptation of 15 rice varieties in rainfed lowlands in Cambodia.
Jayampathi Basnayake1 , Shu Fukai1, and Makara Ouk2

Perennial wheat: a paradox with possibility
Lindsay Bell, Len Wade and Mike Ewing

Effects of pasture leys, tillage system and crop frequency on C dynamics, soil physical and biological properties
Mike Bell1, Phil Moody2, Gary Harch1 and Ram Dalal2

Are there pre-sowing indicators for choosing in which seasons to companion-crop wheat into existing lucerne ?
Donald Gaydon1 and Michael Robertson2

Summer dormant temperate grasses are productive and persistent in the medium - low rainfall cropping region of New South Wales
Belinda Hackney, Brian Dear and Richard Hayes

The potential of winter wheat cultivars and breeding lines for use in dual-purpose (grain and graze) systems
Walter Kelman, Hugh Dove and Peter Flint

Profitability and cost of production
Danielle Park1 and Chris Sounness1

Do seasonal climate risk management tools address the risk?
De-Anne Price1, Chris Sounness1, Dale Grey2 and Danielle Park1

Developing Collaborative Planning Support Tools For Optimised Farming In Western Australia: A Methodology
Deavi Purnomo, Murray McGregor and Graciela Metternicht

APSFARM: A whole farm systems analysis of economic and environmental indicators of contrasting farm business strategies in Central Queensland
Daniel Rodriguez1,2, Peter deVoil1,2, Howard Cox1,2, Fred Chudleigh2, Maurice Conway3, and Richard Routley1,3

EverGraze – development of profitable and sustainable livestock systems for the high rainfall zone of Western Australia
Paul Sanford1, John Young2 and Jeremy Ryan1

Predicting wheat flowering dates in Western Australia
B.J. Shackley, DL Sharma, D Tennant and C.M. Zaicou-Kunesch

Rice response to organic residues management on permanent raised bed system in the semi-arid tropics of Eastern Indonesia
Sukartono1, Mansur Ma’shum1, IG Made Kusnarta1, Mahrup1, Andrew Borrell2, Judy Tisdall3 and JS Gill3

Identifying vegetable lablab types by participatory assessment: panelists’ perceptions of morphological traits and organoleptic taste assessment
Tefera Tolera1, Mel Oluoch2 and Brigitte L. Maass1

Using crop modelling to supplement crop trial data for land capability assessment in Cambodia
Wendy Vance1, Richard Bell1 and Seng Vang2

A survey of perennial pasture establishment practices in southern NSW
J.M. Virgona and Shane Hildebrand

Growing more grain: A first cut at estimating and locating potential gains
James Walcott1 , Greg Beeston2, David Stephens2, Mike Nunweek2 and Kema Ranatunga1

Nitrogen balance of kale
Derek Wilson and Shane Maley

Flamenco - a new variety of sulla for southern Australia
Ron Yates1,2, Kevin Foster1,2, Phillip Nichols1,2,3 and Mike Ewing1,2,3

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