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Seasonal rainfall forecasts as an adaptation strategy for climate change
Peter McIntosh1, Senthold Asseng2, Guomin Wang3 and Nirav Khimashia2

Generating daily future climate scenarios for crop simulation
Anna Weeks1, Brendan Christy1 and Garry O’Leary2

Using temporal and spatial analogues to consider impacts and adaptation to climate change in the South Australian grain belt
Peter Hayman1, Nigel Wilhelm2, Bronya Alexander1 , and Uday Nidumolu1

Is there a value in having a frost forecast for wheat in the South-West of Western Australia ?
Imma Farre1, Ian Foster1, Ben Biddulph2 and Senthold Asseng3

Impact of climate change on Tasmanian dryland pasture production
David Parsons1,2, Peter Ball2, Greg Holz3, Shaun Lisson4 and Richard Rawnsley2

Impact of changing climate on cereal productivity in Queensland
Dhananjay (Jay) Singh

Impact of climate change on wheat yields in Western Australia. Will wheat production be more risky in the future?
Imma Farre1 and Ian Foster1

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