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Assessing the performance of maize (zea ma ys)-cowpea (vigna unguiculata) intercrop under variable soil and climate conditions in the tropics
S.K. Adiku1, P.S. Carberry2, C.W. Rose1, R.L. McCown2 and R. Braddock1

Long-term agronomic trials in Australia
P.R. Grace

An integrated decision support system for pasture improvement
Zvi Hochman1,2, Peter T. Mears3, Robert J. Farquharson3 and Craig J. Pearson2

A framework for developing agricultural production system models
J.N.G. Hargreavesl, D.P. Holzworth1 and N.I. Huth2

APSIM + GrazPlan: versatile software for simulating grain-grazing systems
R.L. McCown1, A.D. Moore2 and D. Holzworth1

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