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New solutions for salinity

The effect of saline irrigation water on perennial pasture quality in the Goulburn Valley
Mary-Jane Rogers

Identifying and developing forage resources for saline discharge areas.
M.E. Rogers, A.D. Craig, T.D. Colmer, R.E. Munns, P.M. Evans, P.G.H. Nichols, S. Hughes, B. Dear and M. Ewing.

Developing sustainable farming systems with the aid of precision agriculture tools
Liam Lenaghan1 , Luke Zagame1 and Harm van Rees2

Production of forage from saline water
Mark Sargeant1, Mary-Jane Rogers2 and Robert White3

Deep drainage under cropping in Western Australia
Senthold Asseng1, Gabriella Pracilio2, Perry Dolling1 and Mike Wong3

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