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Conference Programme

Busselton Symposium

Monday, September 25, 1989

  • Tours of vegetable and deciduous fruit production on the Swan Coastal Plain; and Harvey Fresh


  • National issues in horticulture
  • Developing a national research profile for horticulture G.R. Gregory
  • The role of research and development in the expansion of horticulture Western Australian Department of Agriculture, video presentation
  • Post-harvest barriers to horticultural expansion B. Tugwell
  • Potential for horticultural expansion in the tropics B.J. Watson

State issues in horticulture

  • Western Australian fruit and vegetables - maintaining the edge in South-East Asia
  • Western Australian flowers - an export challenge J. Musson
  • Developing a premium wine industry A.C. Devitt and J.F. Elliott

Tuesday, September 26, 1989

  • Proteas - a new flower crop in Western Australia J. Wood
  • Wine grape production

Katanning Symposium - Agriculture in medium/high rainfall mediterranean areas of southern Australia

Monday, September 25, 1989

  • Tours of pastures and crops in the Katanning and Broomehill area

Tuesday, September 26, 1989 - Symposia

Session 1: Special characteristics of agriculture in medium/high rainfall mediterranean regions of southern Australia

  • Environment of the high rainfall zone of southern Australia and implications for agriculture
  • J.L. Davidson, W.K. Anderson, P.R. Dann, W.K. Gardner and T.D. Potter
  • Waterlogging: a hidden constraint to pasture and crop production in southern Australia
  • D.J. McFarlane, E.G. Barrett-Lennard and T.L. Setter
  • Relationships between cropping and livestock on mixed farms in southern Australia
  • H.E. Fels and J.M. Young

Session 2: New discoveries in pasture research

  • New discoveries in pasture research: current status and developments with temperate perennial pastures in southern Australia, D.R. Kemp, D.A. Nicholas and C.M. Oldham
  • Pasture production from saltland C.V. Malcolm
  • Roles for new pasture legume species in southern Australia D.J. Gillespie
  • Management of annual legume pastures C.W. Thorn
  • Nutritive value of pasture species, P.T. Doyle, J.B. Rowe and B. Warren

Session 3: Potential for crop production in high rainfall areas

  • Coping with waterlogging in the high rainfall zones of southern Australia W.K. Gardner
  • Root diseases as a major constraint in high rainfall cropping systems G.C. MacNish

Merredin Symposium - Sustainable farming systems in dryland Mediterranean environments

Monday, September 25, 1989

  • Tours of agricultural research at East Beverley, South Tammin and Merredin

Tuesday, September 26, 1989 Symposia

Session 1: Developing sustainable farming systems for the mediterranean regions of southern Australia

  • Farming systems of southern Australia M.W. Perry
  • Roles of grain legumes in sustainable dryland cropping systems R.J. Delane, P. Nelson and R.J. French
  • The development of pasture legumes for the low rainfall cereal-livestock cropping zone of southern Australia M.A. Ewing
  • Dryland soil salinity - cure, containment or catastrophe? E.G. Barrett-Lennard and R.A. Nulsen

Session 2: Integration: sustainable farming systems

  • Adapting farming systems research concepts to Australian research needs R.L. McCown
  • MIDAS: An economic modelling approach to determining research directions for whole farm systems
  • D.A. Morrison, R.S. Kingwell and J. Warren
  • Development of a minimum tillage system: Rutherglen experience D.R. Coventry and H.D. Brooke
  • Developing a research and extension policy for an agricultural region S.J. Trevenen
  • Australian Wheat Board presentation J. Crosbie
  • Competition versus co-operation in crop production - demand enhancement versus supply control E.C.A. Runge
  • Solutions to problems of oversupply in crop agriculture E.C.A. Runge, S. Murdock, D.I. Padbery and B.A. Stout

Plenary Sessions: The University Of Western Australia

Wednesday September 27, 1989 - Plenary Session I

  • Implications of the Greenhouse Effect for Australian Agriculture
  • The Greenhouse effect: facts, predictions and uncertainties W.J. Bouma and G.I. Pearman
  • The Greenhouse effect, regional climate change and Australian agriculture A.B. Pittock
  • Agriculture in south-western Australia in a Greenhouse climate R.A. Nulsen
  • The effect of the build-up of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere on crop productivity R.M. Gifford

Poster session

Donald Medal Oration: Evaluation of genotypes of subterranean clover (T. subterraneum L.) in a mediterranean environment: a personal and historical account R.C. Rossiter

Thursday September 28, 1989 - Plenary Session II

Looking for products, looking for markets

  • Emerging world market opportunities for Australian agricultural commodities W. Gerardi, R. McMillan and B. Fisher
  • Market-driven research P.S. Cornish
  • New plant products: using Australia's genetic heritage J.A. McComb
  • New products from new technology J. Peacock
  • Developing and supplying horticultural outlets - export and domestic J. Sumich

Poster session

Annual General Meeting of the Australian Society of Agronomy

Friday September 29, 1989 - Plenary Session III

Research and extension: delivering the goods

  • Using modern communication's technology: turning on, not turning off J. Childs
  • Research and extension: delivering the goods I.C. Crook

Panel - Funding Australia's agricultural research and extension

  • Commercialization: the New Zealand experience J.M. Hercus
  • Industry research council issues D. Blesing
  • A State Department of Agriculture viewpoint N.J. Halse

Start of workshop: Ideotypes and physiology – tailoring plants for increased production

Saturday, September 30, 1989

Workshop continues until noon.

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