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Future technologies in agriculture

Technologies to estimate plant available soil water storage capacities at high spatial resolution
Mike Wong1, Yvette Oliver2, Michael Robertson3 and Kathy Wittwer4

ALOSCA – A new technology to deliver rhizobia and other beneficial microbes into broadacre agriculture
Stephen Carr1, Angelo Loi1, Ana Isabel Vivas-Marfisi1,2 and Chris Poole1

Advances and challenges in the spatial detection of nitrogen and water stress in wheat
Daniel Rodriguez1, Glenn Fitzgerald 2, V.O. Sadras3, Lene Krol Christensen4 and Robert Belford2

Oxygation: Enhanced root function, yields and water use efficiencies through aerated subsurface drip irrigation, with a focus on cotton.
Lance Pendergast1 and David Midmore2

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