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Chemical control of onion grass (Romulea rosea) in native pastures
Zhongnan Nie1, Reto Zollinger1, Aggie Stevenson2 and Bruce Knee2

Annual ryegrass (Lolium rigidum) control with pre-emergent herbicides under different tillage systems
Sam Kleemann1, Gurjeet Gill1 and Chris Preston1

Novel herbicide tolerance in Lentils.
Jason Brand1, Mick Lines2, Larn McMurray2 and Michael Materne1

Grain yield implications of crop-topping pulses for late weed control in south-eastern Australia
Mick Lines1, Larn McMurray1 and Jason Brand2

Sustainable weed control in cucurbit crops: A scoping study
Michael Coleman1, Brian Sindel1, 2 and Paul Kristiansen1

Tolerance of Trifolium tumens (Talish Clover) to pre- and post-emergent herbicides
Angus Galloway, David Parsons, Eric Hall and Peter Lane

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