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Pastures : composition

Manipulating pasture composition - a matter of time, dollars and sense
P.M. Dowling, D.R. Kemp, D.L. Michalk, G.D. Millar and M. Goodacre

Seasonal pattern of growth of subterranean clover-grass pasture
N. Cutten, D.V. Reeve and A.B. Frensham

Grass control in medic pastures in semi - arid ley farming systems
R.A. Latta and E.D. Carter

The impact of herbicides on the production, composition and quality of annual pasture at kapunda, South Australia
T.W. Mackereth, R.S. Llewellyn, R.J. Inwood and E.D. Carter

Grass control in pastures: implications for livestock
D.L. Little, E.D. Carter and A.L. Ewers

Control of onion grass (romulea spp.) prior to resowing permanent pastures
G.J. Mitchell, S.R. Chinner and D.J. McQuinn

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