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Agronomy in the Landscape

Impact of application of coal combustion products to soil on soil characteristics, concentration of elements in plant material and crop product safety
Colin Birch1,2, Doug George and Premawansa Dissanayake

Dryland cropping in central Queensland impacts on Soil Chemical Parameters.
Stuart Buck1 and Michael Braunack2

Resolving the Edaphic Conflict in Rice-wheat system
Muhammad Farooq1 and Shahzad M.A. Basra2

Organic matter fractions and carbon mineralisation in perennial pasture leys on erodible silt soil
Yuying Shen, Lu Chen, Jing Yang, Mingming Wang and Zhibiao Nan

Fallow nitrate-N accumulation rates in central Qld cropping soils
Michael Braunack, Richard Routley and Maurice Conway

Plant populations to improve yield of dryland maize in northwest NSW
Sam Simons1, Daniel KY Tan1, Stephanie Belfield2 and Bob Martin3

EM38 and crop-soil simulation modelling can identify differences in potential crop performance on typical soil zones in the Mallee.
Anthony Whitbread1, Rick Llewellyn, David Gobbett and Bill Davoren.

Simulation of field pea growth and yield in diverse environments
Wen Chen1 6, Michael Robertson2, Li Lingling3, William Bellotti4, Robert French5 and Richard Bell1

Out of season crops – What are the benefits for no-till farming systems?
ME McNee1,2, Phil Ward3, DR Kemp1 and WA Badgery4

Primary Production Landscapes of Victoria
Richard MacEwan1, Nathan Robinson1, Mark Imhof2, David Rees2, Victor Sposito3, Monique Elsley3

Effect of Salinity on Seed Germination of Wheat Cultivars
Seyfollah Fallah

Selection of wheat for high early vigour
Michael Zerner1, Gurjeet Gill1 and Greg Rebetzke2

Row spacing, water use, and yield of wheat (Triticum aestivum), barley (Hordeum vulgare) and faba bean (Vicia faba)
Samuel Kleemann and Gurjeet Gill

An update on the role and agronomy of safflower in southern Australia
Nick Wachsmann1,2, Rob Norton2 and David Jochinke3

G E interactions for high yield potential of winter wheat in Tasmania
Tina Botwright Acua1, Geoff Dean2 and David McNeil1

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