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Crop production

Potential for dual-purpose crops in Australia’s northern crop-livestock regions
Lindsay Bell1, John Kirkegaard1, Julianne Lilley1, Craig Birchall2, Simon Jasper 2 and Sam Simons3

Break crops pay in the Victorian Mallee
Claire Browne1, James Hunt2 and Therese McBeath3

Seeding rate responses of new durum cultivars in Southern Australia.
Kenton Porker1, Robert Wheeler1 and John Green2

Expanded row configuration options for Australian rain-fed cotton
Michael Bange1, Jane Caton1, Darin Hodgson1, Rose Brodrick1, David Kelly2, Robert Eveleigh3, John Marshall3 and James Quinn3

Using a crop model to characterise the developmental phenotype of different wheat varieties.
Hamish Brown1, Catherine Munro1, Neil Huth2 and Esther Meenken1

Frost risk associated with growing maize for silage on Tasmanian dairy farms
Keith G. Pembleton and Richard P. Rawnsley

Diversification from cropping into mixed crop-livestock systems – the sustainability risks posed by hay removal from pasture or forage blocks
Mike Bell1, Gary Harch2 and Phil Moody3

Integrated agronomic and economic analysis of fodder options for Tibetan farming systems
Tim Heath1, Jin Tao2, Colin Brown3, Scott Waldron3, John Wilkins4, John Piltz4, Jay Cummins5, Carol Rose6, David Coventry1 and Ann McNeill1

Grazing spring variety cereal crops reduces supplementary feeding in mixed cropping and sheep farms
Dean T. Thomas1, Katrien Descheemaeker2 and Andrew D. Moore3

An alternative storage technique for maintaining maize seed quality in West Timor
EY Hosang1,2, MW Sutherland2, NP Dalgliesh3 and JPM Whish3

Sequence effects on cropping system productivity and profitability in two environments in Western Australia
Bob French1, Raj Malik2 and Mark Seymour3

Improved crop production in response to intensively grazed improved legume pastures
Roy Latta and Jessica Crettenden

Scoping early sown canola in Western Australia
Darshan L Sharma, Glen Riethmuller, Caroline Peek, Doug Abrecht and Geraldine Pasqual

Decision Support Systems (DSS) –Where success is failure of continued use
Bill Long1 and Kevin Parton2

Grain size distribution: computation, interpretation and utilisation for minimising small grain screenings in cereals
Darshan L Sharma, Mario F D’Antuono and Troy D Adriansz

VarietyChooser: the flexible cropping management tool
Elizabeth Warden1 and Graeme McIntosh2

Rice grain yield - a comparison between direct seeding and transplanting in Lao PDR
John Smith1, Shu Fukai2 and Jaquie Mitchell2

Effects of row spacing and row placement on grain yield in a sorghum/wheat sequence under high rainfall
A.G. Verrell

The effect of sowing depth on the establishment of several commercial wheat varieties
Rohan Brill1, Guy McMullen2 and Matt Gardner2

The gap between yield potential and reality for continuous wheat in wet years in a dry environment.
Ben Jones1 and Dave Monks2

Improving reliability of maize production in variable rainfall environments of the North East Region.
C.J. Birch1, 4, D.L. George2, A. Lisle2 and F. Solomon3

Achievable sorghum yields under favourable conditions in north western NSW.
Loretta Serafin1, Ben Frazer1, Guy McMullen1, Tim Burley2 and Trevor Philp3

Soil compaction under cotton pickers: preliminary results
Michael Braunack, Jo Price and Darin Hodgson

Rice in the Ord: Opportunities and threats
Siva Sivapalan

Canola growth and development in central western NSW
K A Hertel

The Influence of planting date, sowing depth and soil type on chickpea production with no-tillage in northern New South Wales
Bruce Haigh and Guy McMullen

Break crops can improve wheat production in the Mallee
Angela Clough1 and Dave Monks2

The profitability of dryland forage crops: a modelling analysis in Central Queensland.
Stuart Buck1, Rebecca Gowen2 and Maree Bowen3

Wheat time of sowing and cultivar selection can be used to manage risk in low rainfall southern Australia.
R Latta 1,3, T McBeath2 and C Paterson1

Soil and crop management to increase income of rice farmers in Aceh, Indonesia
Malem McLeod1, P. Slavich1, Irhas3, B. Keen1, M. Ferizal3, C. Caniago3, M. Ramlan3, M. Ismail3, G. Tinning1, A. Gani4 and T. Iskandar3

Break crops can be grown in the Mallee with a low risk of wind erosion
Angela Clough1 and Dave Monks2

The influence of row spacing on grain yield in drill sown rice
John Smith1 and Russell Ford2

Assessment of the degree of impact of factors affecting micronaire in cotton
Michael Bange, Jane Caton and Darin Hodgson

The potential for thin biodegradable film in the Australian cotton industry
Michael Braunack and Jo Price

Getting N management right to meet malting specifications for barley
Matthew Gardner1, Guy McMullen1 and Rohan Brill2

Lodging management for Commander Barley
Matthew Gardner and Guy McMullen

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