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Adoption, Extension and Education

Challenging Sowing Rates for Wheat to Achieve Target Plant Densities
A. Johnson1, M. Evans1 and K. Wansink2

Developing a state extension program - TOPCROP in Victoria
M.L. Evans

Management techniques and turnip variety effects on turnip yield in western Victoria
J.L. Jacobs, G.N. Ward and A.M. McDowell

Enhancing student learning using Decision Support Tools
J.M. Scott1, H.G. Daily1, A.D. Moore2, E.M. Salmon2, J.R. Donnelly2, R. McCook3

Butterfly Pea – A Legume Success Story in Cropping Lands of Central Queensland
M.J. Conway1, K.McCosker1, V.Osten1, S. Coaker2, and B.C.Pengelly3

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