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New Grazing Options

Identifying canola varieties for dual-purpose use
John Kirkegaard1, Susan Sprague1, Steve Marcroft2, Trent Potter3, John Graham1, Jim Virgona4, Jeff McCormick4

Effects of grazing on wheat grain yield and quality in Western Australia
Shahajahan Miyan and Samantha Clune

Grazing induced changes in light interception and radiation-use efficiency of winter wheat
Matthew Harrison1, 2, John R. Evans2 and Andrew Moore1

Searching for native perennial legumes with pasture potential
Megan Ryan1,2,3, Richard Bennett1,2, Matthew Denton1,4, Steve Hughes1,5, Meredith Mitchell1,4, Bernadette Carmody1,4, Tammy Edmonds-Tibbett1,2, Dion Nicol1,2, Lori Kroiss1,2 and Richard Snowball6

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