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Building crop and pasture systems for sustained productivity and profitability - pests, diseases & grazing

Effect of harvesting stage, location and genotype on environmental staining in faba bean (Vicia faba L.)
Syed M Nasar-Abbas1, Julie A Plummer1, Kadambot H.M. Siddique2, Peter White3, Mario D’Antuono3 and David Harris4

Food safety risks posed by pesticide residues in changing cropping systems
Mike Bell1, Vineeta Syna2, Lukas van Zwieten3, Gary Harch1 and Neil Halpin4

Evaluation of within crop weed management for organic and conventional grain production in south-east Australia
Viv Burnett1, Tim Enshaw2 and Steve Sutherland3

Interaction of flumetsulam with chlorothalonil and Uptake oil applied to Ascochyta infected chickpeas
Harmohinder S. Dhammu1, Ashwani K. Basandrai2, 3, W.J. MacLeod1, 3 and Chris Roberts1

Grazing balansa clover and puccinellia mixed pastures on saline land
Diana Dunstan1, Nick Edwards2,3, Andrew Craig2,3 and Dean Revell1,3,4

Profitable and sustainable perennial grazing systems: Searching for the right shrub species
Jason Emms1, Mike Bennell2, 3, Steve Hughes1, 3

Herbicide options for broad-leaved weed control in seedling chicory
Belinda Hackney 1,2, Brian Dear 1,2, Richard Hayes1,2, Gabrielle Dyce 1 and Craig Rodham1

Agrochemical-free, direct-sowing culture of a paddy with non-woven fabric mulch: Effects of sowing time and fertilizer type
Shaikh Tanveer Hossain1, Hideki Sugimoto2 and Jun Yamashita2

Ideas for slug control in broadacre crops
Svetlana Micic and Tony Dore

Vegetable beetle, Gonocephalum misellum (Blackburn), a pest of canola in southern Western Australia.
Svetlana Micic, Tony Dore and Andrew van Burgel

Perennial pastures for WA
Geoff Moore1, Paul Sanford2 and Tim Wiley3

Grazing effects on the retranslocation of assimilates during grain filling of wheat
C.E. Muir1, J.M. Virgona1 and J.F. Angus2

High-yielding weevil-tolerant maize is attainable for subsistence farmers in East Timor
Felisberto Soares1 and Robert L. Williams2

Atrazine management guidelines for central Queensland
Anne Sullivan

Five-year lucerne pasture improves the growth of the following canola crop on a Sodosol with dense subsoil
Caixian Tang, I Davidson, L Harris, JS Gill and Peter Sale

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