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The Australian Society of Agronomy gratefully acknowledges the generous financial support given to the Conference by:

  • Agricultural Laboratories Pty. Ltd.
  • Ansett Airlines of Australia
  • Australian Fertilizers Limited
  • Bank of NSW
  • Consolidated Fertilizers Limited
  • CSR Ltd.
  • Norwood Bagshaw Ltd.
  • IBM Australia Limited
  • ICI (Australia) Limited
  • Monsanto Australia Ltd.
  • Hugh Murray & Sons Pty. Ltd.
  • PDS Co-operative Ltd.
  • Pederick Engineering Pty. Ltd.
  • Pope Irrigation
  • Wright Stephenson & Co. (Australia) Pty. Ltd.

The Society is also grateful to Dr C.D. Blake, Principal of the Riverina College of Advanced Education, for providing the venue for the Conference.

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