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Cultivar and Species Comparisons - Pastures

Prairie grass: an alternative to perennial ryegrass in subtropical pastures
K. Slack1, W.J. Fulkerson1 and J.M. Scott2

Lucerne for dryland farming systems in the Queensland subtropics
D. L. Lloyd, B. Johnson, K. C. Teasdale and S. M. O’Brien

The Register of Australian Herbage Plant Cultivars: delivering information for agriculture
W.M. Kelman

Developing molecular markers for traits associated with drought tolerance in perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.)
K.M. Guthridge2, 3, K.F. Smith1, 3, N.M. McFarlane1, 3, B.D. Kirkwood1, 3, E.S. Jones2, 3 and J. W. Forster2, 3

Extending pasture quality later into the season
P. A. Riffkin, P. Evans and A. Wright

Variation for components of seedling vigour among Persian clover cultivars
V.M. Croft, K. F. Smith, N.M. McFarlane and B.D. Kirkwood

Alternative perennial grass species for North facing slopes in Tasmania
E.J. Hall

Lotus uliginosus – a potential pasture species for the Falkland Islands
D. Parsons1, 2, P.A. Lane3 and R. Reid2

Evaluation of annual medics (Medicago spp.) in the Victorian Mallee
C. J. Korte1, P. Lim1, 3, N. Hill1, R. Latta2

Legumes for Agroforestry Systems
H. Addison and R. Congdon

Drought resistance of native and introduced perennial grass species
A.R. Rivelli1, 2, T.P. Bolger2 and D.L. Garden3

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