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Soil constraints & management

The role of ‘boron tolerance’ in improving adaptation of cereals to highly alkaline subsoils.
Roger Armstrong, Ewan Letts, Fernanda Dreccer and Dianne Noy

The effects of salinity, sodicity and soluble boron on wheat yields in the Victorian southern Mallee.
James Nuttall1,2, Roger Armstrong1 and David Connor3

Salt tolerant lentils – a possibility for the future?
Laura Maher1, Roger Armstrong2 and David Connor3

Water use efficiency of wheat in a semi-arid environment
Damien Adcock and Ann McNeill

Yield and protein benefits from application of nitrogen fertiliser to wheat on upper Eyre Peninsula
Jon Hancock1, Dr Bob Holloway1, Dr Annie McNeill2 and Dr Glenn McDonald3

Phosphorus – Yield responses in wheat, canola and field peas grown at different soil Colwell P and PBI levels.
David Harbison1, Andrew Speirs1, Peter Flavel1, Ken Motley2 and Chris Dyson3

Lime response of winter crops on a duplex soil at Oolong in SE NSW
Ashley Mead1, Peter Dowling2, K Yin Chan3, Peter Hocking4, Brendan Scott3, David Michalk2, Matthew Newell1 and James Carney1

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