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Significant areas of research in sub-tropical fruit crops

K.R. Chapman

Queensland Department of Primary Industries. Maroochy Horticultural Research Station, Nambour, Qld. 4560.

The major centre for sub-tropical fruit research in Queensland (excluding citrus) is the Maroochy Horticultural Research Station at Nambour in south-east Queensland.

Research at the centre is divided into two broad groups by virtue of the industry status of the crops. One group includes the well established traditionally grown crops of pineapples, papaws, passionfruit, ginger, and strawberries. The second group includes the developing crops with good potential for industry establishment namely: avocados, macadamias, guavas, litchis, kiwi fruit, custard apples, persimmons, pecans, and mangoes.

With the established crops research is geared to solving industry problems, usually associated with fine tuning management of the crop. However, with the developing crops, a deal of work is concentrated in plant collection, introduction propagation and crop development in different regions, while seeking out and solving major problems impeding industry establishment and growth. Table 1 summarizes the areas of research involvement with the above crops. Full details are given by Chapman (1978).

TABLE 1. Areas of research in sub-tropical fruit crops indicating the significance of the involvement.

Chapman. K.R. (1978) Maroochy Horticultural Research Station Biennial Research Report for 1977-78. pp 14-50.

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