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Crop agronomy - monitoring

Crop agronomy - pulses & oilseeds

Crop agronomy - warm season

Crop agronomy - wheat

Environmental management

Farming systems


New crops & crop products

New solutions for salinity



Precision agriculture

Risk assessment & management

Soil constraints & management


Screening native Fabaceae species for tolerance to aluminium
Nola McFarlane1, Kevin Reed1, Julie Morgan1, Ulrik John2 and German Spangenberg2

The development of marker assisted selection breeding strategies in Lolium perenne L.
Nathaniel R. Bannan1, Kevin F. Smith1, John W. Forster2

The effects of waterlogging in contrasting perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) germplasm.
Anthony Leddin, Kevin Smith, Nola McFarlane and Tony Ciavarella

Crop agronomy - monitoring

The new APSIM-Wheat Model - performance and future improvements
Enli Wang1, Erik van Oosterom2, Holger Meinke1, Senthold Asseng3, Michael Robertson2, Neil Huth2, Brian Keating2, Merv Probert2

Crop agronomy - pulses & oilseeds

Control of ascochyta blight in chickpeas using resistant varieties and foliar fungicides
Trevor Bretag1, Kevin Meredith1, Ted Knights2, Chris Pittock1 and Michael Materne1

Turnip dry matter yield and water use efficiency under different irrigation regimes in western Victoria
Joe Jacobs and Graeme Ward

Effect of seeding rate on organic canola emergence, red legged earthmite (Halotydeus destructor) density, weed biomass and grain yield in northeast Victoria.
V.F. Burnett1, J.H. Schneider1, F.W. Dempsey1 and B. Hemantha Rohitha 2

The effect of row and plant spacings on the growth and yield of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)

The effect of sowing date and rate on seed coat discolouration due to frost in field peas in the southern Mallee of Victoria.
Jason Brand, Roger Armstrong and Greg Antonoff

Development of a soil assay for screening rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) resistant to high manganese
J. Sergio Moroni, Mark Conyers, Brendan Scott, Neil Wratten, Rod Fisher and Graeme Poile

Genotype x Environment interaction on seed yield of Indian mustard (Brassica juncea L.) and canola (Brassica napus L.) in a Mediterranean type environment of South Western Australia
C. P. Gunasekera1, L.D. Martin1, G.H. Walton2 and K.H.M. Siddique3

Effects of water stress on water relations and yield of Indian mustard (Brassica juncea L.) and canola (Brassica napus L.)
C. P. Gunasekera1, L.D. Martin1, R.J. French2 , K.H.M. Siddique3 and G.H. Walton4

Limits to Achieving Potential Yield of Canola in Southern NSW
John Kirkegaard1, Michael Robertson2, Mark Barber3, Jim Wright3 and Peter Hamblin4

Optimum plant densities for faba bean cv Fiesta VF sown on raised beds
Geoff Dean1 and Neville Mendham2

The effect of sowing date on yield of different lentil types
Geoff Dean1, Jason Brand2, Michael Materne2

Effect of large seed size, post-sowing compaction and chemical seed dressings on the survival of canola seedlings in the presence of the earth mite damage
B. Hemantha Rohitha1, Jason Mott 1 and Ary Hoffmann2

Performance of Brassica genotypes in contrasting environments
Syed H. Zaheer1, 2, David W. Turner1 and Nick W. Galwey3

Legume shoot and root N accumulation under water stress
Brett Kuskopf1, Kerry Walsh1 and Roger Armstrong2

Assessment of possible allelopathic interactions between soybean (Glycine max) and Amaranthus powellii and Cyperus rotundus using in vitro systems.
Irawati Chaniago1, Acram Taji2 and Robin Jessop3.

Crop agronomy - warm season

Stem diameter: A rapid and accurate parameter for monitoring growth of sorghum
Angela Clough1,3 and Malcolm N. Hunter2,3

Dry season irrigated rice yield response to time of sowing in Laos
Jaya Basnayake1, Sipaseuth2, Sonekham Phamixay2, Manit Senthonghae2, Vichit Sibounheuang2, Sonekham Phamixay2, Sengkeo2, Monthathip Chanphengxay2 and Shu Fukai1.

APSIM Rice: A growth and development model for rice
Shaun Lisson and Michael Robertson

Rotation and biocide effects on the growth and yield of sugarcane
Alan Garside1, John Berthelsen1, Clive Pankhurst2, Brenden Blair3 and Rob Magarey4

Root health and nutrient accumulation in sugarcane.
M.J. Bell1, A.L Garside2, P.W. Moody3, C.E. Pankhurst4, N. V Halpin5 and J.E. Berthelsen2

Effects of cutting and sowing date on biomass production and nitrogen content of forage sorghum
M.M. Rahman, S. Fukai and F.P.C. Blamey

An evaluation of safflower, Linola™, sunflower, maize, buckwheat and sorghum as spring sown cropping options for south-eastern Australia
Nick Wachsmann1, David Jochinke1, Rob Norton1 and Sue Knights1

The performance of imported safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) hybrids in south-eastern Australia
Nick Wachsmann1, Sue Knights1, Rob Norton1 and David Jochinke1

Modifying sugarcane irrigation to account for a shallow water table
Celia Sweeney1, Peter Thorburn1, Keith Bristow2 and David Lockington3

Physiological responses of cotton to subsurface drip irrigation on heavy clay Soil
Surya Bhattarai1, Jack McHugh2 and Gavin Lotz2, David Midmore1

Impact of crop management on cotton crop maturity and yield
G. N. Roberts and G. A. Constable

Genetic variation for post-anthesis drought resistance traits in grain sorghum
Andrew Borrell1, David Jordan1, Andrew Douglas1 and Greg McLean2

Crop agronomy - wheat

Timing of late applications of N fertiliser and season on grain yield and protein in wheat
Jairo A Palta1, William Bowden2 and Senthold Asseng1

Early vigor wheat genotypes have better N uptake
Mingtan Liao, Ian Fillery and Jairo Palta

Time of sowing affects small grain screenings in wheat in a dry season
Darshan L. Sharma1 and Walter K. Anderson2

Optimum management of N fertiliser for wheat growing on alkaline soils
R.M. Norton1, J.F. Pedler1, C.M. Walker2 and J.F. Angus3.

Screening of tolerant and susceptible wheat cultivars to waterlogging in the high rainfall zone of the southwest Victoria
Dhananjay Singh1, 2, Malcolm McCaskill2, Kevin F Smith2, and Robert Belford2

Partitioning of Nitrogen among monomeric protein fractions during grain development in wheat is not influenced by Nitrogen nutrition and post-anthesis temperature
Pierre Martre1, 2 Eugne Tribo1

Environmental management

Partial wetting - a potential water management saver for peach and apple
Mark O'Connell and Ian Goodwin

Soil nitrogen mineralisation as affected by size of rainfall events
Victor Sadras and Jeffrey Baldock

Modelling temperature effects on plant residue toxicity
M. An1, I. R. Johnson2 and J. V. Lovett2

Runoff from raised bed crops in south-west Victoria, 2001
Tim Johnston1, Robert White2, Marc Nicolas2 and Bill Slattery3

NutriSmart: A fertiliser capable of re-establishing the sustainability of ecosystems and enhancing the productivity of farmland
SF Pang1, A Lui1, G Goold2, A Chu1, W Wong1, S Li1, E Chan1, I Kwok1 and L Cheung1

Farming systems

Have we found a new sustainable farming system?
David K. Malinda and Rick Darling

Detection of elemental response with the use of fertiliser test strips
R.N.D. Reid 1 and G.P. Richardson 2

Mycorrhizae reduce carbohydrate reserves of wheat
Megan H. Ryan1, Anthony van Herwaarden2, John F. Angus1 and John A. Kirkegaard1

Interactive effects of drought and N stress on wheat and canola growth
Fernanda Dreccer1,2, Daniel Rodrguez1,2 and Mariano Len1

Effect of waterlogging on the growth of barley
M.X.Zhou1, R.G. Xu2, D.H. Chen2, Z.L. Huang2, N.J. Mendham3 and M Hossain1

Simulating dynamics of allelochemical production from living plants
D. L. Liu1 and Min An2

Developing a minimum till cropping package for the lower North Central Catchment of Victoria
D.C Boyd

Nitrogen and moisture regimes for genotype differentiation in breeding for consistently low grain protein concentration in barley.
Livinus Emebiri and David Moody

A comparison of four farming systems in central-western NSW
Catherine Evans1, Rob Sanderson1, Dean Patton2 and Neil Fettell3

Variety interactions with wheat row spacing and seeding rate
Mohammad Amjad1 and Wal Anderson2

Fertiliser inputs for maximum yield and quality of Gairdner barley
Narelle Hill1, Laurence Carslake2 and Simon Wallwork3

Estimating the optimal relative density combination of two crops in an intercrop
Sarah Park1, Laurence Benjamin2 and Andrew Watkinson3

Pasture composition and timing of removal – effects on wheat yield and protein level.
Jim Virgona1, Brian Dear2 Graeme Sandral2 and Tony Swan3

Farming systems research in Australia; origins and integrations
Brett Robinson1,2

Effect of cropping rotation on weed incidence and botanical composition of ensuing pastures at Oolong in SE NSW
Peter Dowling1, David Michalk1 , Ashley Mead2 , George Carney2 and Sue Betts1

Evaluation of a new class of fungicides on grain yield in wheat and barley
Susan Kleven1, Geoff Dean2, Colin Hacking3 and Jim Davidson4

Within-field protein variation in the northern grains region
Wayne Strong1, Rob Kelly1 , Troy Jensen1, David Butler1 and Bill Town2

Grain grower perceptions of the economic value and longevity of glyphosate
Rick Llewellyn


Leaf appearance in seedling lucerne crops
Hamish E Brown and Derrick J Moot

Benefits of a lucerne pasture-crop rotation in the south-east of WA
Anita Lyons1 and Roy Latta2

Dryland lucerne seeding rates had no effect on pasture production.
Kieran Ransom

Glyphosate translocation in lucerne
Stephen Davies1, Phil Eberbach2 and Mark Peoples1

New crops & crop products

Seed softening in Hedysarum spp. – new temperate forage legumes with great potential
Lindsay Bell1,2, David Lloyd3, Kerry Bell3, Brian Johnson3 and Kemp Teasdale3

Variation for osmotic adjustment in Australian triticale cultivars
M. Barary1, N. W. M. Warwick1, R. S. Jessop2, A. M. Taji2

Flowering and seed development of Torilis nodosa and Anthriscus caucalis.
R.P. Rawnsley1, P.A. Lane1, P.H.Brown1 and T. Groom2.

An examination of the seedbank distribution, seedling emergence and seed survival of Apiaceae weeds in pyrethrum
R.P. Rawnsley1, P.A. Lane1, P.H.Brown1 and T. Groom2

Flowering characteristics of adzuki bean from China
Peter Desborough1, Peter Lawrence2, Bob Redden3 and Zong Xuxiao4

New solutions for salinity

The effect of saline irrigation water on perennial pasture quality in the Goulburn Valley
Mary-Jane Rogers

Identifying and developing forage resources for saline discharge areas.
M.E. Rogers, A.D. Craig, T.D. Colmer, R.E. Munns, P.M. Evans, P.G.H. Nichols, S. Hughes, B. Dear and M. Ewing.

Developing sustainable farming systems with the aid of precision agriculture tools
Liam Lenaghan1 , Luke Zagame1 and Harm van Rees2

Production of forage from saline water
Mark Sargeant1, Mary-Jane Rogers2 and Robert White3

Deep drainage under cropping in Western Australia
Senthold Asseng1, Gabriella Pracilio2, Perry Dolling1 and Mike Wong3


Effect of seeding rate on organic wheat production and ryegrass density in northeast Victoria.
V.F. Burnett, J.H. Schneider, F.W. Dempsey


Pasture and soil effects of superphosphate under cell grazing management
R.N.D. Reid 1 and G.P. Richardson 2

Long-term effects of nitrogen fertiliser on nitrogen fixation in grazed perennial ryegrass / white clover dairy pastures in south west Victoria
Frank McKenzie and Joe Jacobs

Clover species suiting crop rotations
Xianguang Zhang and Pedro M. Evans

Growth and water use of perennial ryegrass and lucerne in summer
Kerry Greenwood1 and Kate Sargeant2

Development of near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy techniques for analysing the nutritive value of fresh silage.
Melissa SpragueA, Peter FlinnA, Kevin SmithA, Tony CiavarellaA, Joe JacobsB.

Impact of renovation on production of irrigated pasture in northern Victoria
Alister Lawson, Kevin Kelly, Graeme Phyland, Liz Byrne and Mark Nankivell

Estimating plant density using a modified Carter ring method
Susan Robertson

Thermal time requirements for seedling development of Caucasian and white clovers
Alistair D. Black, D.J. Moot and R.J. Lucas

Plant species diversity and productivity in grazed permanent grasslands
D.R. Kemp 1, W.McG. King 2, G.M. Lodge 3, S.R. Murphy 3, P.E. Quigley 4 & P. Sanford 5

Glycinebetaine foliar application increases pasture winter growth and milk yield
B.P. Naidu1&2, G. Stevenson2, R. Page2 and S. Munford2

Impacts of sub-surface drainage and "on-off" grazing in reducing wet soil pugging damage on southern Victorian dairy pastures - pasture effects
Graeme Ward, Joe Jacobs and Troy Jenkin

Impacts of sub-surface drainage and "on-off" grazing in reducing wet soil pugging damage on southern Victorian dairy pastures – some soil effects
Graeme Ward, Joe Jacobs and Troy Jenkin

Phosphorus requirement of pasture species and the influence on botanical composition.
J. Hill1,2, R.J. Simpson1, A.D. Moore1 and D. Chapman2

Effects of fungal endophyte on the persistence and productivity of tall fescue at 3 sites in eastern Australia
Warwick M. Wheatley1, David E. Hume2, Harry W. Kemp3, Matthew S. Monk4, Kevin F. Lowe5, Alison J. Popay6, David B. Baird7 and Brian A. Tapper2

Simulated time of break and emergence of annual species in a degraded perennial grass pasture

J.M. Virgona

Root biomass production, root distribution, and soil water dynamics of three alternative perennial pasture legumes in comparison with Medicago sativa during their early growth
G.Y. Wijaya, W.D. Bellotti*, and D.R. Coventry.

Establishing grass-legume pastures on rundown cropping soils of the Western Downs in southern Queensland.
Cristine Cox1, Anthony Whitbread1 and Bruce Pengelly2

Factors affecting phalaris persistence
Guangdi Li, Keith Helyar and Mark Conyers

Medics as self-regenerating cover crops in Canadian prairie grain systems
Martin H. Entz1, Alden Braul1, Roberta Gentile1, Andrew Lake2 and Bill Bellotti3

An evaluation of tropical pasture legumes on gidgee soils in the semi-arid tropics
Chris Gardiner

Precision agriculture

Using Precision Agriculture to fine tune paddock management: A case study with the Yuna Farm Improvement Group in WA
G. Lyle1, M.T.F. Wong1, P. Norris2 and M. Adams3

The design and analysis of experiments using yield monitoring technology
Sonia Knight and Tony Pettitt

Water and phosphorus uptake in common bean as a function of root architecture
Melissa D. Ho1, Kathleen M. Brown2 and Jonathan P. Lynch3

Risk assessment & management

Effect of climate variability on frequency of sorghum ergot outbreaks in Australia
Enli Wang1, Holger Meinke1, Malcolm Ryley2

Soil constraints & management

Trends in phosphorus status can be assessed by testing pasture soils in late spring
John Cayley1, Fiona Cameron1, Tim Plozza2 and Gavin Kearney1

Subsurface soils in the central-western, low rainfall wheatbelt of NSW.
Catherine Evans1,2, Alison Bowman3,4 and Brendan Scott4

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