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Crop production

Two tall wheats equal or outyield two semi-dwarfs with late sowing
W. Anderson, W. Smith, M. Seymour and J. Barclay

Light interception and growth by wheat and barley in Western Australia
R.K. Belford, K.H.M. Siddique and E.R. Harvey

Variability in wheat growth on a duplex soil in Western Australia
R.K. Belford1, D. Tennant1, E.R. Harvey1, M. Dracup1, N. Venn2, Q. Richards2, and A. Hamblin2

Tolerance of two wheat cultivars to 2,4-d in relation to their ear development stage
D.G. Bowran

The date of anthesis is not important for South Australian wheat crops
E.T. Braunack-Mayer1 and D. Smith2

Wheat yields on acidic Wodgil soils
S.J. Carr1, G.S.P. Ritchie1 and W.M. Porter2

Water stress and wheat crop growth
Ir. Handoko, G.M. Rimmington and D.J. Connor

The relative importance of seminal and nodal roots in supplying water and nitrogen to wheat
B. Komorek and A.P. Hamblin

Flowering times of wheat in Western Australia : a model approach
S.P. Loss1 and M.W. Perry

Increasing inter-row spacing decreases wheat yield
M.W. Perry1 and R.N. Burch2

Planting density effects on the growth, yield and water relations of wheat
P. Prasertsak, N.C. Turner1 and T.L. Setter

Silvergrass residue effects on wheat
J.E. Pratley

Reduced germination and survival of wheat seed exposed to high (35-40c) temperatures
Supanee Jongdee and T.L. Setter

Soil evaporation, transpiration and transpiration efficiency estimates for old and modern varieties of wheat
D. Tennant, R.K. Belford and K.H.M. Siddique

The response of wheat to high temperature during grain growth
I.F. Wardlaw

Frost risk and site variation therein
D.R. Woodruff

A comparison of six methods for estimating crop evapotranspiration
T. Swaminathan, D.J. Connor and G.M. Rimmington

Use of a sensitivity analysis to critically evaluate a model of cereal growth
G.A. Whelan and D.L. McNeil

Simulating the Western Australian wheat-sheep system
B.R. Trenbath1 and W.R. Stern2

Phytotoxic activity of barley
De Li Liu and J.V. Lovett

Cereal aphids in high-yield cereal crops
M. Grimm

Studies on the molecular forms of alpha-amylase and their implications for improving malting quality in barley
L.C. MacLeod and R.C.M. Lance

Response of barley to hydrogen ion toxicity
W. Pondagee and W.J.R. Boyd

The effect of grazing on grain yield of winter barley in Tasmania
B.C. Stewart and N.J. Mendham

Oats as a multi-purpose crop in high rainfall environments
K.L. Bishop

Rye as an alternative cereal under high rainfall conditions
K.L. Bishop

Grazing and recovery of cereals in South-Western Australia
W.R. Smith

Restricted tillering in triticale cv. currency - an impediment to grain yield?
J.B. Golding

Production of oats, vetch and medic sown alone and in various combinations
Sartaj Khan, E. D. Carter and Sandra Pattison*

Effect of time to flowering on yield of rapeseed for drier areas of the South Western Australian cereal belt
D. K. Suanda, R. H. Sedgley and N. Thurling

Lupin yield response to plant density in the Western Australian wheatbelt
R.J. French

Effect of solar radiation and temperature on potential maize yield
R.C. Muchow

Rooting depth of a range of crop species on sandhill soils in the Victorian Mallee
M. Walsh

Development of rough-seeded lupins for agriculture
B.J. Buirchell and W.A. Cowling

Effect of seed size on lupin establishment and yield
R.Delane1, R. French2 and K. McCarthy1

Contribution of flower and pod abscission to reproductive abortion in lupinus angustifolius
R. Delane1, A. Pigeaire2 , M. Seymour3 and C. Atkins2

The sequence of flower and pod abscission on the main stem inflorescence of lupinus angustifolius
A. Pigeaire1, R. Delane2, M. Seymour3 and C. Atkins1

Time of swathing lupins infested with radish
R. Snowball and M.F. D'Antuono

Agronomic management of field peas on acid soils.
E.L. Armstrong, B. Butler and S.G. Fisher

Seeding date and rate of conventional and semi-leafless field peas
E.L. Armstrong and S.G. Fisher

Factors associated with reduced pea yields in south-eastern South Australia
W.A. Hawthorne

Trifluralin without incorporation
A. G. Flynn

Evaluating the concept of thermal time
W.J.R. Boyd, S. Potipibool and L. Kaveeta

A mechanical soil sampling system to encourage increased use of bioassay tests for soil borne cereal diseases
I.T. Mock and N.W. Wright,

Removal of nutrients in harvested grain
G.M. Proudfoot

Grass pasture leys benefit peanut production in Southern Queensland
M.J. Bell, G.R. Harch and P.N. Vance

Effect of shading on growth of two peanut cultivars
M.J. Bell and G.R. Harch

Ceres sorghum (sat): a model of sorghum growth and development in the semi-arid tropics
C.J. Birch

Time of sowing of irrigated grain sorghum in the Murrumbidgee Valley
J.A. Thompson* and D.P. Heenan**

Sink-sink and source-sink interactions between stems and reproductive structures of sunflowers with ontogeny and water stress
V.O. Sadras and D.J. Connor

A model to predict growth and yield of sunflower
B.T. Steer, S.P. Milroy and R. Glass

The influence of sowing date on oil quality of irrigated sunflowers
J.A. Thompson*, D.P. Heenan** and R.J. Mailer**

Cotton yield predictions for Lombok and Flores - Indonesia
G.D. Keefer1, J. Ladewig1, P. Diarini2

Evaluation of sowing opportunities for Lombok and Flores - Indonesia
G.D. Keefer1, J. Ladewig1, P. Diarini2

Excess growing season rain for Lombok and Flores - Indonesia
G.D. Keefer1, J. Ladewig1 and P. Diarini2

Soybean irrigation scheduling trials in the South Burnett
I. Crosthwaite and P. Vance

Limitations to the yield of soybeans in a Tropical Environment
A.L. Garside and D.E. Crowther

Seed treatments improve germination and growth of soybean cv. chaffey sown into cool soils
Virasak Tepjun and B.T. Steer

The effect of paclobutrazol on the growth of fiord faba beans
B.J. Baldwin,

Yield responses of faba bean to inoculation
J.H. Silsbury

Effect of varying crop population on lentil and weed growth
B.A. McKenzie, M.E. Miller, G.D. Hill

Effect of bees on seed yield and components in pigeon pea
J.F. Holland1 and W.A. Jones2

The effect of sowing rate and sowing date on yield and yield components of plantago ovata (forsk.) in Northern Australia
D.L. McNeil

Floral initiation of sesame as affected by photoperiod and temperature
Pornparn Suddhiyam, B.T. Steer, and D.W. Turner

Comparative productivity of oilseeds and cereals
J.F. Angus and A.F. van Herwaarden

Development of indian mustard as an oilseed crop
R.N. Oram and J.T.O. Kirk

Preharvest factors affect the quality of broccoli after storage
P.S. Cornish and S.C. Morris

The simulation of flowering (bunch emergence) in plant crops of banana (Musa sp)
W. Mekwatanakarn and D.W. Turner

The flowering of carambola (averrhoa carambola l) is more strongly influenced by water stress than by photoperiod and diurnal temperature variation
S. Salakpetch, D.W. Turner and B. Dell

Sugar pulsing of cut geraldton wax and kangaroo paws
E. M. Carter and D. C. Joyce

Retaining suppleness of dried flowers and foiliage with humectants
P. Dubois and D.C. Joyce

Cold storage of geraldton wax, kangaroo paw and banksia
K.A. Seaton and D.C. Joyce

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