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Precision Agriculture

Electromagnetic Induction methods for monitoring soil water in irrigated cropping systems.
Neil Huth1, Graham Boulton2, Neal Dalgliesh2, Brett Cocks2 and Perry Poulton2

Improved monitoring of soil water resources to benefit crop management decisions
Perry Poulton1 and Neil Huth2

Bridging the Yield Gap : Diagnosing poor performing patches from paddock to farm scale
Yvette Oliver, Michael Robertson and Roger Lawes

Leaf Nitrogen Determination using Handheld Meters
M.M. Ali1, Ahmed Al-Ani1, Derek Eamus2 and Daniel K.Y. Tan3

Use of mobile devices in extension and agricultural production- a case study
Karen Roberts1 and Graeme McIntosh2

Field-based rapid phenotyping with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
Eileen M. Perry1, Jason Brand2, Surya Kant3 and Glenn J. Fitzgerald4

CliMate – a smartphone App for analysing climate data
David Freebairn1 and David McClymont2

SoilMapp – mobilising Australian soil data
Mark Thomas1, Neal Dalgliesh2, Peter Wilson3, Kavinga Hubert4, David Jacquier3, Garry Swan3, Dean Holzworth2, Matthew Birks5, Linda Brunker6 and Paul Davis7

Site-specific measurements of apparent electrical conductivity (ECa) correlate to neutron moisture probe counts: Towards the spatial measurement of soil moisture content for precision agriculture.
John N. Stanley1,2, Derek A. Schneider1,2 and David W. Lamb1,2.

The integration and validation of precision management tools in mixed farming systems.
Peter McEntee1, Robert Belford1, Roger Mandel1, John Harper2 and Mark Trotter3

Mixing grapes and grain - Scoping the opportunity for selective harvesting in cereals
Rob Bramley1, Damian Mowat1, David Gobbett1, Mark Branson2, Ashley Wakefield3 and Randall Wilksch4

Controlled traffic experiences and results in a diversified vegetable industry
John McPhee1 and Peter Aird2

Examining the potential for active optical sensors to provide biomass estimation in improved and native pastures
Mark Trotter1,2, David Lamb1,2, Derek Schneider1,2, Clare Edwards1,3, Malcolm McPhee1,4 and Greg Falzon1,5

Low induction number EM surveys for assessing land management attributes in upland environments.
Glen Bann

Comparison of soil conductivity measured by ERT and EM38 geophysical methods along irrigated paddock transects on Black Vertosol soils
Jenny Foley1, Anna Greve2, Neil Huth3 and Mark Silburn1

CropMate™ a web based decision support tool helping farmers make agronomic decisions using historic and forecast weather and climate data.
Graeme McIntosh1 and David Herridge2

Detection of pasture pests using proximal PA sensors: a preliminary study investigating the relationship between EM38, NDVI, elevation and redheaded cockchafer in the Gippsland region
Amy Cosby1, Mark Trotter1, Greg Falzon1,3, John Stanley1, Kevin Powell2, Rebecca Bruce2 and David Lamb1

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