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Weeds and weed control

Calepina, calepina irregularis and Turkish mustard, malcolmia africana - two Mediterranean weeds new to Australia.
R.J. Carter and D.A. Cooke

Should farmers be concerned about the spread of the pasture weed water-dropwort, oen anthe pimpinelloides?
R.J. Carter1, G. Mitchell2 and M. Williams1

Broad-leaved weed control in annual medic pastures
J.A. Dickinson1, R.J. Saunders2, M.L. Evans2 and A.J. Fatchen2

Sulfonylureas and annual medic regeneration on high pH soils
M.L. Evans1, J.A. Dickinson2, R.J. Saunders1 and E.M. King1

Preliminary observations of pasture legume herbicide tolerance
A.L. Ewers1 and C. Phillips2

Integrated weed management - the role of competitive cultivars
T.G. Reevesl, B.S. Nietschke1, G.J. Hollamby1 and S.B. Powles2

Rampion mignonette - current research into a new weed
R.S. St John-Sweeting1, R.J. Carter2, E.D. Carter1 and H.A. Reimers1

Competitive effects of crop species on skeleton weed populations
M.J. Walsh

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