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Integrated Systems

Dual purpose canola – recent results from southern NSW
Jeff McCormick1,2, Jim Virgona1,2 and John Kirkegaard3

Development of an Australian pasture selection tool using Lucid™
Stuart Brown1, Bruce Cook2 and Bruce Pengelly1

Modelling complex livestock-agricultural systems at a regional scale: a case study in La Runion
Uday Bhaskar Nidumolu1*,Marcel Lubbers2, Vronique Alary3, Philippe Lecomte1 and Herman van Keulen4

Trade-offs for ratooning sorghum after harvest to provide forage for grazing
Jeremy Whish and Lindsay Bell

When is it profitable to sacrificially graze a wheat crop? - a simulation analysis across Australia’s cropping belt
Lindsay Bell and John Hargreaves

Leaf appearance rate and tiller development rate in pre-grazing growth of wheat and oats under dual-purpose (grain and graze) management
Walter Kelman and Hugh Dove

Assessing the suitability of several tropical pasture species for use as leys within cropping systems in southern Queensland
John Lawrence1, Lindsay Bell1, Anthony Whitbread2, Michael Mann3

Harvestability and potential seed production of Cullen australasicum
Eric Kobelt, Alan Humphries, Trevor Rowe and Steve Hughes

Barley benefits from grazing
Martin B. Lovegrove and Robert D. Wheeler

Gibberellic acid and early dry matter production of dual purpose wheat
Geoff Dean1 and Tina Botwright Acua2

The use of ley pastures to arrest soil fertility decline in central Queensland.
Michael Braunack1 2 and Maurice Conway1

Effect of grazing on cereal forage DM yields for whole crop silage
Joe Jacobs1 and Graeme Ward

Sustainable sheep production in Mallee farming systems
Roy Latta

The integration of novel forage and grain systems in Southern Australia
Penny Roberts Craig and David Coventry

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