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New Pastures and Forage Options

EverGraze: the productive management of perennial grazing systems in extreme drought
Susan Robertson1,2, Michael Friend1,2 and John Broster1,2

Twin Sowing: a new technique to reduce the costs of pasture establishment.
Angelo Loi1, Bradley J. Nutt1, Clinton K. Revell12 and K. Flower3

Current and future use of pasture legumes in central and southern NSW – results of a farmer and advisor survey
Belinda Hackney, Brian Dear, Guangdi Li, Craig Rodham and Justin Tidd

Benefits of small-seeded annual pasture legumes in pasture mixtures for variable environments
Richard Hayes, Brian Dear, Bev Orchard and Phil Eberbach

Using plastic mulch to increase maize silage production in a cool climate with a short growing season
Andrew L. Fletcher, Shane Maley, Derek R. Wilson and John M. de Ruiter

Dry matter yields and nutritive value of silage from cereal and pea combinations
Joe Jacobs and Graeme Ward

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