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Pastures : cultivars and selection

Caliph - a new barrel medic cultivar for southern Australia
L. Howie and A.W.H. Lake

Plant selection of perennial pasture legumes and cocksfoot for a niche environment
A.M. Cook, I. Lolicato, C.L. Noble, G.M. Halloran and M.E. Nicolas

Selection of a triplex species for salt pan rehabilitation and fodder production in the Lockyer valley
A. McKay and P.L. Matthew

A collection of naturalized annual pasture legumes in the semi-arid cereal-livestock zone of south Australia
M.T. Spencer, G.C. Sweeney, W.D. Bellotti and G.C. Auricht

The growth and development of exotic medicago spy. at Roseworthy, south Australia
R.S. St John-Sweeting, A.A. Mohamed and G.C. Auricht

Incidence and agronomic significance of endophyte in perennial ryegrass seed lines
S.C. Valentine, K.G. Boyce, G.J. Mitchell, M.J. Mathison and B.D. Bartsch

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