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Crop agronomy - pulses & oilseeds

The response of lentil cultivars to sowing date and plant density in the southern Mallee of Victoria
Jason Brand, Roger Armstrong, Michael Materne and Greg Antonoff

Matching lupin cultivar to environment in Western Australia
Bob French1 and Mario D’Antuono2

The comparative growth, yield and water use of safflower, Linola™, mustard, canola and wheat in southern Australia
Nick Wachsmann1, Rob Norton1, David Jochinke1 and Sue Knights1

The role of phenology in adaptation of chickpea to drought
Jens Berger1, Neil C. Turner1,2, and Robert J. French2,3

Variation in yield of faba bean across southern Australia following rhizobial inoculation
Jo Slattery1, David Pearce1, Mary Raynes2, Di Carpenter3, Geoff Dean4 and Michael Materne2

Intercropping with canola improves the productivity and sustainability of field pea
1I.N.P. Soetedjo, 2L.D. Martin and 2A.J.V. Janes

Yield and seed discolouration of windrowed broad beans in Victoria
Trevor Bretag1, Mary Raynes1 and Liam Lenaghan2

Developing protocols to quantify biomass in commercial faba bean crops
Antony Swan1, Mark Peoples1, Timothy Crews2, Peter Matthews3 and Robert Forrester4

Poor growth of canola in retained wheat straw – causes and consequences
Sarah Bruce1,2, John Kirkegaard1 and Jim Pratley2

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