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Rate of root growth in lucerne varies with soil type in Western Australia
P.J. Dolling1, P.R. Ward2, R.A. Latta3, A. Ryder4, S. Asseng2, M.J. Robertson5, P.S. Cocks1,6 and M.A. Ewing6

Conservative water use by lucerne
J.D. Hoffmann, P.L. Eberbach, J.A. Virgona and A. Katupitiya

Farmers’ experiences with the companion cropping of lucerne in North Central Victoria
Robert Harris1, Jeff Hirth1, Kieran Ransom2, Michael Crawford2 and Riad Naji3

Where should lucerne be grown in the Western Australian cropping zone?
Roy Latta

Performance of APSIM-Lucerne in South Australia
Muhammad Shafiq Zahid1,3, William Bellotti1,4 , Ann McNeill1,4 and Michael Robertson2

Attitudes and needs of grain growers to developing lucerne-based farming enterprises
Kieran Ransom1, Nicholas Bate1, Jeff Hirth2 and Michael Crawford1

Effect of lucerne density on soil moisture content during summer in southern NSW
J.M. Virgona

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