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Crop Modelling and Management

Validation of the APSIM-Lucerne model for phenological development in a cool-temperate climate.
D.J.Moot1 M.J. Robertson2 and K.M. Pollock1.

Simulating response of canola to sowing date in Western Australia
I. Farr1, M. J. Robertson2, G. H. Walton3, S. Asseng1

Adapting APSIM Lucerne to the Western Australian environment
P.J. Dolling1, R.A. Latta2, A.M. Lyons3, S. Asseng4, M.J. Robertson5, P.S. Cocks1, M.A. Ewing6

Can the APSIM model simulate wheat yield and grain protein in south-western Queensland?
J.B. Robinson1, 2, D.M. Freebairn1, G.A. Thomas3, D.N. Lawrence4, S.T. Cawley5, D.N. Orange3, A.J. King3, C. Holmes3, K.J. Lehane4, R.C. Dalal6 and E.J. Weston4

TRIAL-YEARS without tears: enhancing recommendations of flowering and yield in wheat
J.S. Fishera, S. Assengb, J.W. Bowdena and M.J. Robertsonc

Modelling water stress response in sugarcane: Validation and application of the APSIM-Sugarcane model.
N.G. Inman-Bamber1, 2, Y. Everingham1 and R.C. Muchow23

Greencalc: A Calculator for Estimating Greenhouse Gas Emissions for the Australian Sugar Industry
SN Lisson1,2, BA Keating1,3, ME Probert3, LE Brennan1,3 and KL Bristow1, 4

Soil acidification and liming in the low rainfall wheatbelt of south-western NSW.
C.M. Evans1, B.J. Scott2, R.P. Fisher2, G.J. Poile2 and M.K. Conyers2

Land clearing in the central western wheatbelt of NSW affects soil acidity
M.A. Fraser1, B.J. Scott2 and P.D. Cregan1

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